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Modalverben. The verbs that have super powers.


Modal verb Primary (& secondary)
“modes” it conveys
English meaning
können ability (possibility) can, to be able to (may, might)
dürfen permission (probability) may, to be allowed to
in the negative: ought not)
müssen necessity, compulsion must, to have to, to need to
(should, ought)
mögen liking (probability, possibility) to like (may, can)
wollen desire, intention to want to, to intend to, shall
(to claim to)
sollen obligation (intention, prediction) shall, to be supposed to
(should, is said to be
ought to)


They are the kings and queens of verbs.

They push back all the verbs to the end of the sentence.

They are conjugated irregularly.

Even in other languages, they rule.



A cool Tumblr find.

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I always log on to my Tumblr account for a dose of photo reblogs and witty ‘memes’. I usually follow what we call “Fuck Yeah Tumblogs” or in simple terms, fan sites in Tumblr.

If you are lucky that someone shares a certain fanaticism with you, you’ll find a Fuck Yeah tumblog for him/her/it. I’ll share with you what was the “Fuck Yeah German” site then. Now, it was changed to Germanheit.

The author is a German girl and she usually posts about vocabulary words, grammar rules and German culture. She also answers some questions through the “Ask” function of Tumblr. She also has a twitter account which is a small scale equivalent of her Tumblog. @germanheit.

I hope you find her blog interesting. I do.

DW-TV Asien

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When there’s nothing to watch on TV, I like tuning in to Deutsche Welle – TV Asien. I don’t know if this was a good thing but we have the German-speaking version of Deutsche Welle, most probably for the Germans here in Asia.

I like listening to news reports and looking out for some words I know (like numbers and prepositions). The clips shown actually help me getting the gist of the news. Even the commercials amuse me. They sometimes show previews of other shows and I usually translate their titles.

Program list for DW – TV Asien.

30 Rock

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Recently, I decided to watch 30 Rock as I am a fan of American Comedy TV Series.

I just found out that the character Liz Lemon studied in Germany in her college years and also their company has some German executives.

I have heard the character Jack Donaghy talking in German on the phone. Then, I have found this hilarious clip on youtube.

Liz Lemon said “Gefahren bergen Geheimnis, Fremdheit – Mittelbachenburg”? And the wit that is the 30 Rock team just translated it as “Yeah.”

Also, I now have my favorite German word. Wunderbar. Wonderful.

You can say it to almost everyone and as an expression. It’s being positive to all the things that you encounter. Thanks to my new favorite character on TV, Jack Donaghy.

Der Tennisspieler, Philipp

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Mein deutscher Lieblingstennisspieler ist Philipp Kohlschreiber.

Ihr seht sein Video im 2010 US Open.

Das Video ist sehr toll aber ich kann es nicht verstehen. Hahaha.

Sorry for the long hiatus. Expect a surge of posts here maybe in a couple of days.

By the way, I would like to congratulate Rafael Nadal for winning the US Open 2010. Er ist der Champion!

Der Deutschelfaktionplan

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Since our Deutsch Elf has just started, (Thanks to my series of unfortunate events, I failed to arrive on time, thus I was absent.) I would like to present my 4-point Action Plan on tackling German 11.

  1. GENDERS. Der Die Das. I will live with these articles until I know them by heart.
  2. PRACTICE READING. I will read (and reread) every german text I encounter. I will listen to some German modules. (By the way, I have found some German Podcasts in the Itunes Store for free)
  3. MASTER MY UMLAUTS. They matter a lot.
  4. READ MY TASCHENWÖRTERBUCH. Learning the root words will help me understand more German words.

I saw my German 10 Finals results. I am so happy!

Das Jugendwort des Jahres

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I have posted a ‘Wort des Jahres’ topic here. But i just found out that they are now in the process of voting for the Jugendwort des Jahres or German Teenager Word for the year.

Here is the link.

I voted for Copypasten. I love verbs. Hahahaha. I saw the current results, and Loli is the top ranked word. If my understanding serves me right, it means a naive girl.

Here are the words for votation (and their German meanings):

ÄNDERUNGSFLEISCHEREI Klinik für Schönheitschirurgie
ARSCHFAX Unterhosenetikett, das aus der Hose hängt
ATZE – Kumpel, Freund
– Anhänger des Atzenstyles
COPYPASTEN abschreiben, Inhalte kopieren
CROSSI Person mit braungebrannter, ledriger Haut
EGOSURFEN sich im Internet über Suchmaschinen suchen
ESKALIEREN exzessiv feiern
FLAMEN nörgeln, nerven
FLATRATELABERN quasseln, ohne Punkt und Komma reden
HADDE!, HADE LAN! Hau rein!, Tschüs, Alter!
HATEN alles schlechtmachen, nörgeln
HOTTIE attraktive Person
KONSOLERO Person, die viel Zeit mit der Spielkonsole verbringt
LOHAS öko, umweltbewusst
LOLI unreifes, naives Mädchen
LOWBOB schlechter Spieler, Anfänger
MALLE bescheuert, abgefahren
N1, NICE ONE – Gut gemacht!, Geile Aktion!
– hübsch, schön
NIPPELWETTER kaltes, regnerisches Wetter
NIVEAULIMBO ständiges Absinken des Niveaus
PHANTOMVIBRATION Einbildung, dass das eigene Handy vibriert
RAUMSCHIFF super, toll
RESETTEN rückgängig machen, zurücknehmen
SPECKBARBIE aufgetakeltes Mädchen in viel zu enger Kleidung

Even Abwrackprämie is here. The German word of the Year last year.